Plastic of Facades in the Technology of a Three-Layer Facade Panel

Number of journal: 3-2024

Kurnikov D.V.,
Makarov N.A.

УДК: 692.23


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It is noted that the task of forming plastic facades is directly opposite to the idea of industrialization in housing construction. Each time it is a search for a balance between unification and diversity. In most cases, domestic architects and designers have to adhere to the principle of unification due to the need to comply with factory technology. A flat panel of the same type is convenient and technologically advanced. Fewer operations during equipment readjustment, fewer risks and more turnover of the formwork. As a result, the cost of construction is reduced. To overcome the negatively perceived image of a panel house, it is necessary to ensure the diversity and plasticity of facade panels, silhouette and sculpturality of three-dimensional composition, the use of projections, undercuts, recessed attic floors and terraces.
D.V. KURNIKOV1, Engineer, Managing Partner;
N.A. MAKAROV2, Architect, Head of the Architectural Bureau

1 LLC “Inarbi” (57, bldg. 1, Gilyarovskogo Street, Moscow, 129110, Russian Federation)
2 LLC “BBM-project” (57, bldg. 1, Gilyarovskogo Street, Moscow, 129110, Russian Federation)

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For citation: Kurnikov D.V., Makarov N.A. Plastic of facades in the technology of a three-layer facade panel. Zhilishchnoe Stroitel'stvo [Housing Construction]. 2023. No. 3, pp. 12–18. (In Russian). DOI:

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