Work with the ‘Joint’ Tool of Software Package LIRA-CAD

Number of journal: 3-2018

Gubchenko V.E.

УДК: 69.056.52

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Analysis of frameless large panel buildings implies account of flexible connections between walls and slabs at places of their intersection (joints). Generally, in 3D design models of such type, a flexible connection is simulated with discrete connections of finite rigidity. The rigidity of discrete connections is determined according to the type of joint and its design features. Simulation of discrete constraints is rather a time-consuming procedure. So, if the process of their generation is automated, it will simplify the work of design engineer. LIRA-SAPR 2017 introduces the special tool for effective simulation and analysis of joints in large panel buildings; the tool is called ‘Joint’. There is a special class of information objects – joint of panels. This class enables the user to considerably simplify and automate the simulation of large panel buildings, then triangulate and obtain the finite element model. Fundamental principles of work with the ‘Joint’ tool are considered.
V.E. GUBCHENKO, Leading Engineer, (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

LLC «Lira service» (7, Plekhanova Street, 111141, Moscow, Russian Federation)

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For citation: Gubchenko V.E. Work with the ‘Joint’ tool of software package LIRA-CAD. Zhilishchnoe Stroitel’stvo [Housing Construction]. 2018. No. 3, pp. 30–35. (In Russian). DOI:

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