Founder and publisher

Advertising publishing company "STROYMATERIALY" was established in 1993.
Specializes on issue of scientific and technical periodic Journals, educational and special technical literature in the field of construction and architecture. 

Monthly publishes: 

  • the scientific and technical Journal “Stroitel’nye Materialy” (was founded in 1955), in which development more than fifteen subsectors of the industry of construction materials, modern achievements in the field of materials science, equipment and technologies. 
  • the scientific and technical and production Journal “Zhilishchnoe Stroitel`stvo” (was founded in 1958) covering technological and economic aspects of construction of housing and social and cultural facilities 
  • вooks of scientific and technical subject are published by orders of authors and according to own publishing plan. 



AO «TSNIIEP zhilishcha» – institute for complex design of residential and public buildings» (AO «TSNIIEP zhilishcha»)

The Central Research Institute for Experimental Design was founded in 1949.

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